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Subject: Adult youth bisexual Ed could not say no.11davesexmad70hotmail.comAs always all disclaimers are in place.Ed could not say no. 11It was about 10 30 Am when Vicki young teenage opened her eyes something had disturbed her
at first her vision was a blur.
Then as it cleared she could make out a black shape then as her visor
cleared she realized it was a thick hard black cock inches from her face.
Her mouth opened and she took in the black throbbing meat of Johns 9 uncut
cock and sucked on it as if it were her first.
As he fucked her face he said "Ed`s been telling me what a slut you are and
how you like it up your arse hole".
As he talked he shoved his hand between her legs they opened for his probing
fingers her cunt was wet and the lips were swollen.
Vicki moaned as she sucked on his cock and he finger fucked her then he
lifted his leg over her big breasts and straddled her while he drove his
cock in to her mouth.
Vicki then young porn hentai felt someone climb onto the bed and get between her open legs
there mouth found her open cunt and started to lap at the big clit.Vicki drew her legs up and spread them wide the mouth on her cunt was
working magic and went from cunt to arse hole in turn.
Who ever it was lifted her arse a little and spread her cheeks with there
hands it felt so good that Vicki climaxed moaning still tgp young ones
with John`s black
cock fucking her mouth.
The mouth between her legs lapped up Vicki`s cunt cream then made sure her
arse hole was nice and wet ready for 8 inches of black thick cock.
John told Vicki as he climbed of her chest "get on your hands and knees im
going to fuck your sweet bitch arse.
Vicki could not get on all fours fast enough as John moved she seen who had
made such a good job eating her cunt.
Vicki gasp with shock at the end of the bed naked was Trisha john`s twin
sister she had a lovely pair of tits.
Not as big as Vicki`s but a nice size her young hobsex
cunt was as naked as Vicki`s with
big black cunt lips John went to her and she took his cock into her mouth.
She sucked it leaving it covered young nudes legal in her spittle Vicki got on all fours and
spread her legs wide then she felt a mouth on her arse hole.She new it was Trish and pushed back to the sucking and licking mouth she
had to admit to herself she liked it a lot.
Then she felt John`s large cock head against her arse hole he paused a
little and his cock head slipped up her hole.
As he pushed his cock up her hole Vicki young teen strippers pushed back for every bit he pushed
up Vicki pushed back and took about the same.
It was the biggest and thickest cock she had up her arse and it was starting
to hurt but she did not want to stop.
She Free young strippers pushed back hard taking a good 2 inches in one go Vicki gave out a long
loud moan Just as trish still naked laid on the bed.
With her head next to Vicki`s she looked into Vicki's eyes then kissed her
full on the lips at the same time Ed buried his face in Trisha's cunt.
Trisha was pulling on young girl lesbians
Vicki`s nipples that made them stiffen and grow so
they young teen strippers stuck out from her tits like door bells.
Trisha pulled and twisted them which made Vicki buck her arse against John`s
cock so much Vicki pushed back.This made the rest of Johns 9 inch black cock push up Vicki`s arse hole and
stretch it a little more all so it pushed passed her spincter.
Vicki gave a moan then a scream then she knelt whimpering speared on a 9
inch black rod while his sister pulled at her nipples with her cunt being
eaten by Ed.
Once she calmed down john started to with draw his rod to about 3inches left
up her hole then he drove it all back up.
Vicki gasp and whimpered as John got faster and harder once the pain had
gone the pleasure took over and she started to buck back at his cock.
By now Trisha was now under Vicki sucking and nibbling at her large tender
nipples John was bucking her faster and not far from cuming his load.
Ed was now driving his cock up Trisha's cunt and she had her legs wrapped
around his waist pulling him into her.
It was then Ed stiffened and drove his cock spurting spunk up as far as he
could filling Trisha's cunt with cum.When Ed pulled his cum and cunt juice covered cock from her cunt she worked
her way under Vicki's bucking body.
So her cum filled cunt was just inches from her face John drove his 9 inch
black cock deep into Vicki`s cunt and told her to eat his sister`s twat.
As Vicki looked at Trisha`s cunt it dribbled cum and the lips were swollen
and open John drove his cock into Vicki`s arse hole pushing her face closer
to his 14 year olds sisters cunt.
Vicki smelt the cunt juice and spunk then drove her mouth down and had her
first taste of cunt as she licked and sucked.
John pumped his load into her bowels young hooker at the same time pulling Ed to him then
bent forward and sucked on his cum and cunt juice covered cock.
John a 14 year old black boy fucking a woman while sucking her husbands cock
and they would do what ever he wanted.
After he deposited his load up her arse thumb young sex John pulled his cock from Vicki`s
arse and he and Ed laid on the bed in a 69 sucking each others cock`s.Mean while Trisha worked her way around so she and Vicki were also in a 69
they sucked and licked each others cunt`s and arse hole`s till they were
Then carried on as they loved the feel and taste of each others cunts Vicki
new it would not be her last time with another woman.
When the girl`s had cleaned each other and the guy`s had sucked another load
of spunk from each other it was time for the twin`s to go.
But not before Vicki was taken by John up her her cunt Ed up her arse while
she licked and sucked Trisha`s cunt and arse hole.
After they all showered the twin`s left but not before they both drove at
least 2 fingers up Vicki`s cum wet cunt.davesexmad70hotmail.comlet me know what you think good or bad.

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